Double bedroom apartment flats for rent in Mendoza, Argentina.

Apartments in Mendoza


Our three apartments flats are in Mendoza city, probably in the best area, called "La Quinta", the best example of the city's tree-lined streets. Just one block from the largest park in Mendoza, "Parque General San Martin", the largest and best preserved park in Mendoza. Its many attractions (a large lake, extensive gardens, a golf Club, a zoo and various restaurants) make this park a favoured spot with residents and tourists. The flats are also very close to Aristides Villanueva Street, with its vibrant nightlife (bars, restaurants, banks, boutiques, etc.).

Our properties are an excellent choice for an unforgettable holiday, striking the right balance between relaxation and fun, representing a good starting point to explore the many wineries present in Mendoza .





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